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Thank you for visiting our Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and all that we have to offer. A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date.

Our company Has been involved in the transportation business for 12 years. We are in the freight moving business along with other innovative technologies. We are always striving to create a more cost efficient way to move our trucks.

We have developed a device to make 2003 - early 2007 Detroit Diesel 12.7 and 14.0 liter engines run smoother, while helping with fuel savings, along with an increase in responsive power. We have been testing this on various Detroit diesel engines in our fleet.

Our product is called The Ugly fix ®. Yes it's true, it's not pretty but is works. It's built with high grade components and sealed for all weather conditions. Easy installation, it installs in about 10 to 30 minutes. Stops turbo hesitations, eliminates surging, missing, coughing, and you will notice instant throttle response. Engines will run cooler up to 20 degrees, have an increase in horse power, with lower vibration levels. Engine will now run as if Pre. E G R. which allows a gain in fuel miles per gallon. See our Product Details page for more information.

Our product will work unlike other fixes out there. We've gone beyond the fixes that use simple resistors or tubes or gauges. Ours works at any altitude, with no adjustments needed.

Now, with the cost of fuel pricing going up since 1999 till present, it is a big expense, in many cases the biggest expense. The good old days of foot to the floor get it done fast attitude is gone by the wayside. See chart below..

At present date average gallon price is $4.27.  Now with proven success we have found a veriation in fuel savings from  0.4 tenths of a mile per gallon to 1.5 miles per gallon with the Ugly Fix Charlotte ® installed. We are studying the wide range between the milage difference and, will let all know why as soon as possible.

Lets look at the lower end of the spectrum 0.4. If a truck operates an annual 100,000 miles a year at 5.0 miles to the gallon. Cost would be at (4.25) per gallon =$85,000.00 per year in fuel. Now lets say the increase was 0.4 at 5.4 miles per gallon the savings would be $78,704.00. = $6,296.00 Yr. / 52 weeks = 121.07 weekly in the bank. As a business owner, the savings is a plus.

To see our product. Please go to our product and services page. Thanks for stopping by our site. We hope we can help.